Police Officer sold dying kitten to autistic child for huge profit

Can you imagine how ridiculous it is to sell a sick and dying kitten to someone just for the sake of money?

It’ll leave you even in more shock when you’ll get to know that this shameful work was done by a police officer. Yes, Former British Transport Police officer Amy Byrne who is 30, and her partner Harry Angell who is 31, bought and bred kittens to sell from just £50 to in excess of £1,500.

After buying the kitten from the officer when they got home and show the kitten in a very bad situation. The kitten was undernourished , ill and was covered with her own urine.

The officer and her bf used almost 30 different fake names in their advertisements to fool people .

She faked being a vet and their health saying that the kittens had been wormed and microchipped. she even faked the cat’s health certificate she provided to the buyers.

One of her victims said- she requested Byrne to bring male cat to her since her son wanted a male cat pet for himself and when his mom told her that she was getting him one male cat the son got so excited that he even wrote a thank you letter for the vet. when Byrne came to their house to give the cat to the housekeeper, the son gave her the thank you letter and she took it from him and went back to her destination but when she left the mum realised that it wasn’t a male cat it was a female cat who was sick and the cat died after sometime

At Woolwich Crown Court on May 5, the couple pleaded guilty to charges of fraud and breaches of the Animal Welfare Act.

RSPCA prosecutor Hazel Stevens gave six examples where kittens died soon after being purchased.

She said- when she sold those sick kittens to humans, not only kittens were victims coz humans were also at risk of getting these illnesses from the cat. And not only physically illness but mentally illness. When a person gets to know about that they’re having a good pet friend in their house, they get excited to meet them and happy as well but what it feels like seeing your kitten dying in front of your eyes whom you just bought?

Another victim of her said that when she introduced Elsa to her (a stray cat) she got very excited to see her and she was happy to adopt her. She adopted Elsa legally and took her to her house. she spent two weeks with Elsa but suddenly Elsa’s health worsened after that she took to animal hospital and the doctors tried their best to make her feel better or save her but unfortunately she passed away.

When she went home and connected Byrne and angel and told her about the incident and asked for the money back, they both ignored her but then the girl went to their house so Byrne told her to wait outside until her boyfriend came home.

When he got there Angell shouted: “You bought the kitten from me not Amy, but I am not giving you a f**ing penny.”

When the number increased of them deceiving innocent. The RSPCA and police were receiving complaints as well so the search was carried out at the couple’s home in Bexleyheath, south east London, on August 26, 2021.

A total of 17 kittens were found on the premises on the day of the search and a vet judged that six of them were suffering.

After the investigation both Byrne and the angell were arrested and Byrne was jailed for three years and eight months while her boyfriend was jailed for three years and four months

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