Nevada State Trooper Save kitten Cowering on a busy Las Vegas Highway

Nevada State Police tweeted: “(We) received calls about a kitten on the on-ramp to a busy highway… and Trooper Estrada quickly responded.”

As soon as the officer got to know about the kitten they went to the place in a rush to save her. When the police officer was saving the kitten on the side of the busy highway the dash cam on her car recorded everything.

Officer ESTRADA played a very great role while rescuing the kitten in Nevada highway, Las Vegas. And giving her all the best care and love.

Here are a few questions answer that you might have been asking yourself right now-

If you’re wondering what to do if you find a stray cat in Las Vegas ? Then here is your answer –

-Option 1 You can contact The Community Cat program, 702-384-3333 Ext 964 or email CCP they are working with the Animal Foundation to assist feral cats.

Is it illegal to feed stray cats in Las Vegas?

-A new ordinance will now prohibit the feeding of wildlife in city parks, recreational facilities and public plazas. A new ordinance will now prohibit the feeding of wildlife in city parks, recreational facilities and public plazas.

What will you do if you see a stray cat on the street?

-If you are able to transport the animal, take them to the nearest animal shelter. If you plan to keep the animal in the event no owner is found, notify animal control that you have the animal or that you have taken them to a veterinary hospital for treatment.

Is it OK to take in a stray cat?

-So, if the cat is apparently healthy and in good condition, it’s probably best to leave her alone; don’t attempt to catch her and take her to a shelter or pound. However, if the cat appears to be in poor health or you are unsure what to do, it’s best to contact your local animal welfare organisation for advice.

Are stray cats friendly?

-Some stray cats will be friendly right off the bat, but with others, it may take time and patience to establish trust. “If a cat is not comfortable with humans, they will mostly scratch or bite if you attempt to handle them.

How many stray cats are in Las Vegas?

-Las Vegas has a major feral cat problem. Williams says the valley is home to more than 300,000 free-roaming cats. Some of those felines live in ditches, on golf courses and on hotel grounds along Las Vegas Boulevard.

Do stray cats choose their owners?

-Today, many stray cats that roam freely throughout their imaginary territories of about 200 acres each choose their families the same way. Many of them are fed by different families for years until they select the one who provides the safest place and the most comfortable conditions.

What are the dangers of stray cats?

-Cats can carry rabies.

Stray cats may come in contact with bats, raccoons and skunks. These animals sometimes carry rabies. The rabies virus is in the saliva of a sick animal. Since cats groom themselves by putting saliva on their paws, then grooming their fur, cat scratches and cat bites may carry the rabies virus.

What diseases do stray cats carry to humans?

– Free-roaming cats are an important source of zoonotic diseases including rabies, Toxoplasma gondii, cutaneous larval migrans, tularemia and plague.

So these were all the answers of your questions, as so there are some consequences, there are some solutions as well. Let’s take a look at it as well.

How do you know if a stray cat is okay?

– Their coat should be neat, clean and well kept. They also normally have a collar. A stray is a cat that is lost or ran away from home so they normally have unkept or grungy coats compared to feral cats They should also be thinner since they don’t know or aren’t used to hunting for themselves.

How do I know if my stray cat has rabies?

– The most reliable indicators are sudden and severe behavioral changes and unexplained paralysis that worsens over time. Behavioral changes can include sudden loss of appetite, signs of apprehension or nervousness, irritability, and hyperexcitability.

In simple words these are the symptoms of rabies include:

1. Changes in behavior. Cats who are usually calm may become excitable or agitated.

2. Aggression. Cats can become excitable, aggressive, and vicious towards humans or other animals.

3. Drooling. Rabies can affect muscles in a cat’s mouth so they can’t swallow.

4. Loss of muscle control.

I hope all these questions helped you a lot in any way. In the end I would like to say if you want to adopt a stray cat and wonder “will they ever trust you or not?” Then With time and patience, your stray cat will come to trust you and want pets consistently. You might even start giving him access to your home from time to time if your bond has grown. At some point, you may want to take him to the vet for a checkup and vaccinations. So without having any doubts just go and find yourself an adorable friend to be with. >

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