BenFred: Cardinals Legends Tour (Pujols, Molina, Wainwright) should increase, not decrease, pressure on front office | Ben Frederickson

JUPITER, Fla. — Adam Wainwright and one particular word — nostalgia — have a mixed history. The word stuck to the Cardinals starter like an unwanted bumper sticker as he searched and struggled years ago. Some wondered, when Wainwright was at its worst, if the beloved right-hander’s long and successful history with the team obscured … Read more

BenFred: Shildt reopens Cardinal’s wounds a week after opening day | Ben Frederickson

JUPITER, Fla. — Just when the Cardinals were probably feeling clear and clear of the Mike Shildt situation after the MLB lockout theater and Albert Pujols reunion, the Cardinals’ ex-manager was not so quick to tell his front office -Friends turned enemies. Shildt, backed by Hall of Famer Tony La Russa, freshened up a bitter … Read more

BenFred: Wildcard wait whetted Yepez’s appetite for Cardinals season needing his power at DH | Ben Frederickson

JUPITER, Fla. — Fans at home who didn’t fall asleep after Steven Matz’s troubled first inning derailed Saturday’s Grapefruit League 9-2 loss to the Marlins were rewarded for their patience. They got to see something very encouraging from Juan Yepez. The 24-year-old right-handed first baseman and sometimes corner outfielder, who appears to be playing a … Read more

BenFred: Value-obsessed MLB owners better gauge fan anxiety by ignoring pandemic wake-up call Ben Frederickson

Whenever Major League Baseball decides to stop treating its fans like used sunflower seed shells and chewed gum, it has to lure them back into the stadium to buy tickets and overprice everything else. How about a special gift to break the tension? A custom edition foam finger would be nice. Instead of the index … Read more

BenFred: Mizzous Drinkwitz Takes Calculated Risk Chasing Arizona State’s QB Daniels And It’s Easy To See Why | Ben Frederickson

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Eli Drinkwitz says he can’t speak about Jayden Daniels. Two days into Mizzou’s spring football camp, the player who’s garnering the most attention — with all due respect to five-star freshman wide receiver Luther Burden — is Arizona State transfer quarterback. Tigers third-year coach Drinkwitz, who can be quite garrulous when he … Read more