St. Louis Cardinals Prospectus #6: Michael McGreevy, RHP | Minor Leagues

Acquired: Drafted 2021 (18th overall), UC-Santa Barbara

2021: 0-2, 9.39 ERA, 7 games (7 starts), 7 Ks, 7 2/3 IP, 2.09 WHIP (Rookie, Class A)

Scouting report: With their first pick in the latest draft, the Cardinals went straight out of their comfort zone to a proven pick. Like Dakota Hudson, Lance Lynn, Zac Gallen and Michael Wacha before him, McGreevy had the outstanding performance and consistent performance for a strong college program in a competitive conference. The Cardinals definitely have a type. McGreevy has the extra athleticism that could accelerate his rise – and his fastball. The field touches 96 mph, and as he gains experience and coaching, he’ll likely be sitting at 93-95 mph and hitting a curveball that Baseball America says is already the best in the organization. McGreevy went 9-2 with a 2.92 ERA his junior year at UC-Santa Barbara, and he had 10 strikeouts for every walk in 101 2/3 innings. The Cardinals rationed his workload in 2021. He’s had a quick start to the season with five innings lost for Class A Peoria in his first start. A collegiate pitcher who has mastered the hitting zone with multiple pitches, challenges batsmen, and has had two plus pitches tends to rise quickly.

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