Tipsheet: College Hoops coaching merry-go-round spins as Crean, Weber depart | Jeff Gordon

The college basketball coaching merry-go-round has started to spin. Right now, Missouri’s coach Cuonzo Martin is sticking to his job, but he’s not clinging. As expected, Georgia and Kansas State joined Maryland and Louisville as major college programs looking for a new coach. UMass is looking for a new coach at Atlantic 10 and Florida … Read more

Tipsheet: College basketball’s super seniors thrive during the extra year | Jeff Gordon

From time to time, the NCAA actually does the right thing. The collegiate sports overlords offered a COVID-19 mulligan to athletes who have continued playing during the global pandemic, which is only fair. These young men and women endured much adversity while keeping the collegiate athletic industry going. They lived and worked in isolation and … Read more

Tipsheet: Baseball owners, players look ridiculous as unnecessary lockouts drag on | Jeff Gordon

With negotiations stalling on new collective bargaining, baseball owners are expected to cancel two more series today, further shortening the 2022 season. The stupidity continues unabated. The owners and players have a contentious relationship. Neither side wants to take the first big step towards a solution, so an achievable treaty remains unresolved. Spring Training, an … Read more

Tip sheet: The college basketball coaching carousel turns as the postseason progresses | Jeff Gordon

Postseason college basketball tournaments are underway at the mid-major level. Big college tournaments are happening next week. One at a time, teams are closed for the season after being eliminated. And the college coaching carousel begins to turn. Georgia looks set to fire Tom Crean, and the Southeastern Conference could see many changes, with speculation … Read more