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    5 reasons why Navjot Singh Sidhu quit as Punjab Congress Chief

    Navjot Singh Sidhu’s tenure as Punjab Congress chief, won after a bitter battle with former chief minister Amarinder Singh, lasted less than three months. Here is what led to his quick exit. Two days after the swearing-in of the rejigged Punjab Congress Cabinet, PPCC chief Navjot Singh Sidhu Tuesday dropped his resignation bomb, tweeting out the letter to Sonia Gandhi about him stepping down as state Congress chief. But what led him to take this step days after the resignation of his bête noire, Capt. Amarinder Singh, as Chief Minister? Here are five reasons. The Cabinet composition Just a few hours before the new Cabinet was sworn in, six ministers from Doaba region…


    Journalist Navika Kumar Issues Apology After Getting Trolled For Using Derogatory Term For Rahul Gandhi

    Navika Kumar Issues Apology: Times Now’s Journalist Navika Kumar had to face the ire of netizens when her clip where she used a derogatory term for Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on live TV went viral.  Since then, #KachraNavika has been trending on Twitter with netizens demanding her apology or resignation for the same.The incident took place on the night of September 28 when Kumar was hosting a panel discussion soon after former cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu announced his resignation from the Congress party. The panel she hosted was titled “Cong Comedy Of Errors” on TIMES NOW, she used the term “bloody…” while talking about Rahul Gandhi. She was referring to…