Journalist Navika Kumar Issues Apology After Getting Trolled For Using Derogatory Term For Rahul Gandhi

Navika Kumar Issues Apology: Times Now’s Journalist Navika Kumar had to face the ire of netizens when her clip where she used a derogatory term for Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on live TV went viral.  Since then, #KachraNavika has been trending on Twitter with netizens demanding her apology or resignation for the same.
The incident took place on the night of September 28 when Kumar was hosting a panel discussion soon after former cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu announced his resignation from the Congress party. The panel she hosted was titled “Cong Comedy Of Errors” on TIMES NOW, she used the term “bloody…” while talking about Rahul Gandhi. She was referring to his return from a vacation. “And the day he returns bloody…” she said quickly realizing that she had used an inappropriate term on live tv.

Here’s how social media reacted to the controversy:

Last night, Navika Kumar took to Twitter and apologized for her remarks. She wrote, “The momentary lapse in the flow of conversation in using an unparliamentary word on air was in the context of describing the political situation in Punjab which Shri Rahul Gandhi thought had been addressed before he took a break but persisted ironically at the time of his return. The context was certainly not to describe any person as is being misquoted. As can be seen in the clip, it was unintentional and immediately retracted. Sincere apologies for the same.”


Her tweet has got 840 likes and 771 comments.

It is not the first time when Navika Kumar has embroiled herself in controversy. Last month, she asked Olympic Gold Medalist Neeraj Chopra if he had a girlfriend or not. “My sole focus right now is only on my game,” Chopra told Navika. This was followed by Navika declaring him to be “the most eligible bachelor of the country”.

A lot of netizens had taken to social media to criticize Navika for asking such questions from Chopra. One user wrote that the country didn’t want to know about his girlfriend. They were more interested in knowing how he dealt with the challenges that life was continuously throwing at him.

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