• Health

    Hyaluronic Acid Vs Niacinamide Vs Retinol?

    Hyaluronic acid vs niacinamide vs retinol—you’ve heard these words get touted about as skincare heroes. And whether you’re a superuser when it comes to skincare or are starting your journey, do you actually know the difference between the three products? When it comes to beauty buzz words, there’s nothing buzzier than niacinamide, retinol and hyaluronic acid. But what are they, what do they actually do, and is one better than the other?  Hyaluronic Acid Good for: anyone with a face.  Need intense hydration? Hyaluronic is like a water park for your face. Actually, it’s more like a full sponge that generously gifts a steady stream of hydration to your skin through the…

  • Entertainment

    Watch! BTS X Coldplay My Universe MV Out

    Coldplay X BTS – My Universe’s official video, taken from the album Music Of The Spheres has premiered today. On September 30 at midnight KST, the two artists announced that the official music video for their joint single would drop in just a few hours. BTS and Coldplay also released a cool sci-fi-inspired teaser with cinematic vibes for the music video, which will be directed by Dave Meyers. The new collaboration has been co-written by BTS and Coldplay. It has been produced by iconic pop producer Max Martin, came with a lyric video, a Supernova 7 mix and an acoustic version. Directed by award-winning music video director Dave Meyers, the…

  • Korean beauty

    10 Steps K-beauty

    If you’re interested in beauty trends and hacks, you’ve likely heard all about Korean beauty (sometimes referred to as K-beauty). By now we all are aware about Korean’s obsession with healthy and glowing skin. Achieving this is not a cakewalk and one has to follow to lot of regimes. We all grew up following the three steps of skin care- which are cleansing, toning and moisturising. But there is more to this which include essences, sheet masks and serums. We have explained the 10-step skin care routine followed by Koreans. Take note. What is Korean skin care?Korean skin care focuses on prevention and protection rather than the use of products…


    Journalist Navika Kumar Issues Apology After Getting Trolled For Using Derogatory Term For Rahul Gandhi

    Navika Kumar Issues Apology: Times Now’s Journalist Navika Kumar had to face the ire of netizens when her clip where she used a derogatory term for Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on live TV went viral.  Since then, #KachraNavika has been trending on Twitter with netizens demanding her apology or resignation for the same.The incident took place on the night of September 28 when Kumar was hosting a panel discussion soon after former cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu announced his resignation from the Congress party. The panel she hosted was titled “Cong Comedy Of Errors” on TIMES NOW, she used the term “bloody…” while talking about Rahul Gandhi. She was referring to…